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Twenty-nine years ago, I was born. Things have changed over the years: I've grown an additional five feet or so, and subsumed about 160 pounds of additional mass. (At my current rate, I'll be 13.5 feet tall and weigh 370 lbs when I'm 65 years old. It should take me about 10^24 years in order to encompass the Earth, so I had better get workin'.)

I should list some goals for the coming year. I would like to continue to do interesting work, learn good stuff in the MBA program, continue to improve my relationships with my loved ones, do more traveling outside of the United States, maintain and improve my house, play my saxophone more often, write more in my blog, and "stay hungry" (in the ambition sense). (Take these notes with a grain of salt, as I have spent about five minutes thinking about them.)

Next year's birthday should be an interesting milestone, given humanity's base-ten fetish.



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I remember this day well.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Happy 29th Birthday!!

Give mankind a break on our base-ten fetish --we've got ten digits (most of us).

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