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SillickFest 2003

From August 1 through August 3, members of the Sillick family (or guests, such as myself) arrived at Standing Pines (in Inlet, New York), for their family reunion. It was my pleasure to attend. (Overall, I hope that I did not look too foolish in front of my girlfriend's family!) Elizabeth's mom had many siblings, and so there was geometric-growth of first cousins. The uncles brought guitars, banjos, and mandolins, and entertained with song. The days were spent swimming and relaxing outdoors, and the evenings were filled with games and song.
Elizabeth, black and white.
The youngest addition to the Sillick family is Jack Denihan, child of Margaret (Elizabeth's cousin).
Councils were convened around the campfire.
Elizabeth's female cousins, precariously perched on the Big Bertha innertube.
Elizabeth also on Big Bertha.
A traditional event for their family reunion is to swim around Sixth Lake's central island. I am pleased to have managed that, too.
How many lads does it take to sink a canoe?
An overturned canoe can be used a diving board.
The Sillick brothers, Tom Standing, and young Jack making music.
Maureen Standing, singing with her uncles.
Group photo of the attendees of Sillick-fest 2003.



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This is Elizabeth's cousin Ellyn. I really loved the photos and comments!

thank you for posting the pictures.

Looks like a blast!

ok...I'm a little weirded out that some people I don't know have my last name and have a "sillickfest" lol ....

I am a Sillick from Australia and would be honoured to recieve an invite to any future Sillickfest.I would also appreciate any other Sillicks out there to email me so i can see if the American Sillicks are as wierd as the Aussie ones.

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