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I asked and she said yes. Elizabeth has consented to marry me.

This event occurred on August 4, while we were at her family reunion, in the Adirondack region on New York. Her aunt and uncle have a house on Sixth Lake, near the village of Inlet. After dinner, as the sun was going down, I invited Elizabeth to go on a boat ride, in the small peddle-boat. (It is not the hippest form of water-transportation, I admit, but Elizabeth and I have enjoyed those types of boats before, including several hours of fun in the Pacific near Catalina Island.) We rode to the middle of the lake, I said some truthful things, and offered her the ring.

It seems like another chapter in my life is about to begin. (Of course, not TOO many things will change. And we do not need public endorsement [much less a “license”] to have a commitment.) Marriage does imply SOMETHING, perhaps as a rite of passage, perhaps as a statement to the world that we face the future together.

Whatever the next stage is, I know that Elizabeth (my love and my companion) will be with me.



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Congratulations on your engagement, Jeff!
Wow, Maui!

Hi Bets,
Congratulations! You deserve all the happiness in the world!

Congratulations Jeff and Elizabeth!! I hope the plans are coming along nicely for a beautiful ceremony.

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