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Laura's Wedding

On 2003 September 27, my first cousin, Laura Borlik, married Mark Sniadecki. The ceremony took place at Saint Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church, in New Carlisle, Indiana. Elizabeth and I made the trip from Los Angeles, to ensure that Laura was safely wed. I only have two first cousins (Laura and her brother Mike), so these kinds of events are important.
Aunt Kate at the lens. She read some of the readings of the Catholic ceremony.
The groom and groomsmen. (left to right) Mark Sniadecki, David Sniadecki, Michael Borlik, Paul Ohnesorge.
My little sister, in town after making deals and breaking hearts in Chicago.
My uncle Bill giving away Laura.
At the altar. The bridesmaides were Terra Sniadecki, Emily Borlik, and Jennifer Pawlak.
Note the stained glass window above Laura. It was donated by the Borlik Family, in years past. There are apparently two Saint Jadwigas: One was born in 1174 and the other was queen of Poland in about 1378. I have no idea why my family would be interested in either, other than the fact that they were both associated with Poland. I would prefer that the stained glass honored the Jadwiga of 1174, as I would not like to see my family honoring royalty (especially one whose main accomplishment was a political marriage that brought Catholicism to Lithuania).
The vows.
The ring.
Mr. and Mrs. Sniadecki.
The banqueting hall of Saint Stan's before the debauchery of the reception. My parents were married in the same church, and held their reception in the same hall. If it works once, it should work again.
The wedding cake, created by Laura's maternal grandmother.
Elizabeth and I, at the hall.
The first dance as husband and wife.
Uncle Bill and Laura dancing.
The view from above the hall.
Elizabeth and I shook our respective money-makers, too.

A good time was had by all. My girlfriend handled the strain of dealing with the plethora of Borliks. My sister succeeded in her role as bridesmaid. I am glad for my cousin's happiness, and I wish them good fortune in their life together. I wish that my grandparents (Joseph and Elizabeth Borlik) could have been their to witness their granddaughter's marriage. But I am sure that they would approve, and enjoy the day.



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"..making deals and breaking hearts", What? Thanks Jeff, but, gentle readers, I am but an excel monkey at a large company and struggle to not fall asleep on my couch at 10pm on Friday nights. But, the wedding was fun, and thanks for the pictures.

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